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We are who we are because of our team. We believe happy and motivated therapists are the key to ensuring that the individuals we work with receive the best treatment possible. If an organization that believes in investing in your growth, cares about your happiness, and shares your vision to improve the lives of others piques your interest, then we encourage you to consider a career at Teamwork.

Our commitment to applicants

We understand that applying for a new role or position at any organization requires a leap of faith and demands a lot of energy. Sadly, the hiring processes for many companies reward your effort and courage with a lack of communication and a convoluted interview cycle creating a sense of anxiety, doubt, and frustration.

Teamwork Healthcare promises to reward your ambition with transparency and proper feedback, not silence. If you choose to apply, you will hear from us and throughout the whole process, we will do our best to get back to you within a week (but cut us some slack during the holidays).

To be completely open, here’s how our interview process will go:

  1. Application Evaluation: When you apply for a role at Teamwork Healthcare, your application will be put into our recruiting and tracking software. We focus on two key areas: relevant experience and ambition. We understand no one’s perfect (and neither are we) so we also try to identify those who are able to work well in a team and can grow quickly.
  2. Phone Interview: This phase will generally focus on a discussion of your relevant experience, ask you questions about the principles of ABA that are relevant to your position, and have you tell us how you’ve applied the principles of ABA in your own work or how you would apply the principles related to a hypothetical situation.
  3. Mock Session: During this phase, we will bring you in to conduct a pseudo-session with one of our team members. We’ll make sure the expectations are clear and that you are prepared with any information that you wouldn’t already have. This phase is to evaluate how you approach a working relationship with a client, structure your sessions, and apply the principles of ABA in action.
  4. In-Person Interview: We will have you in our office to spend time with leadership and you’ll also be asked questions on what motivates you. In turn, you’ll be able to ask us about our organization and if it aligns with the kind of team that you want to join.
  5. Reference Checks: Based on your full interview history, our hiring team will then make a decision to bring you onboard. If they decide to move forward, then we will ask for two professional references. We may reach out to prior employers even if you didn’t provide them as references in order to get less biased opinions, but we promise that we will not reach out to an existing employer without your permission.
  6. Offer: Once we’ve validated your references, we’ll make you an offer and share details around salary, benefits, and any other relevant compensation information. We hope you accept the offer and we can figure a mutually agreed upon start date and onboarding plan.

The interview process can seem like a black box, but we promise not to go dark on you. If you haven’t heard back from us in a week, then feel free to call us out (sorry about that). We won’t be upset; it shows that you’re still interested in joining our team. Thank you for considering a career with us and we hope that we’ve encouraged you to give us a shot.

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