The New Standard for Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)


Serving all ages and a multitude of locations in New York.

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Individualized ABA In New York

Clinically trained therapists focused on human connection, investing in families and providing the individualized attention and community support required for progress and success.

Progress for All Ages

Clinically trained therapists trained to connect and support people of all ages.

Personalized Care

Collaborating with parents to create an individualized program for each child based on their unique goals.

Community-Based Therapy

Applying the fundamentals of ABA into everyday life so they are supported everywhere.

Helping Children & Teens Make Progress by Improving The Most Important Skills 

Your child is growing quickly. Our evidence based approach uses data to measure your child’s abilities to ensure their mind is growing too.

Language Development and Functional Communication: Communicating wants and needs

Health and Safety: Skills such as responding to “stop”, producing identification of feelings

Social Skills: Conversation, sharing

Play: Appropriate, functional, and independent play

Listener Behavior: Attending and responding to spoken words

Self-Help Skills: Skills such as feeding, dressing, and hygiene

ABA in New York at Teamwork Healthcare


We always begin with the human connection. Teamwork Healthcare families know they’re a priority, and that they’re supported.


We’re unique in that we’re people-focused AND data-driven. We
note big picture trends and track progress, which means we can help kids evolve and grow as quickly and effectively as possible.


True change and creativity happen when a group comes
together—more brains means more ideas and more possibilities. We meet your learner exactly where they are and help them evolve and progress. It takes a village to raise a child, and together, we are that village.

Innovative & Collaborative Approach to ABA in New York

A Better Experience for Kids & Parents

Utilizing Technology for a Cutting Edge Experience

We use technology as a modern tool to create an innovative experience for parents enrolled in our program. From the basics like online payments and appointment reminders, to our comprehensive progress reports after each session.

Connecting Therapy with Play Time to Make ABA Fun

Therapy at Teamwork is designed to be fun. Tailored to your child and the types of activities they enjoy most, they’ll grow their skills while they smile, laugh, and giggle.

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We Accept Most Major Insurance

Helping children progress into the best versions of themselves through ABA at home and in school. 

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